The implementation of the Electronic Registry System

The implementation of the Electronic Registry System

We digitalized Hungary’s oldest paper based registry that has been in service for 120 years making it the largest official personal data registry of the country.

The new system (EAK) is an internally developed software solution implementing a multilevel application architecture of 3 or more layers along with a business process management system based on BPMN (Oracle, BPM, JBMP) engines.

As the result of the IT development project the management of registries as well as the now fully supported administrative processes have become easier and more transparent. A digital registry system was created to replace the four different paper based registries (birth, marriage, registered partnership and death) currently used in Hungary.

The system was launched on 1st July 2014 and we have been operating the live application server environment since then while managing incidents, problems, changes and releases.

TIGRA carried out the project as the contractor of IdomSoft Zrt.

Social utility

The new generation digital registry is capable of showing a person’s entire walk of life and is accessible at any registry office in the country.

The consistency risks arising from the fragmented nature of paper based registration were minimised, together with the risk of the physical loss of data.

The project in figures

• project budget: HUF 148 million
• 18 months of development
• 100 man months
• 6,000 end users
• 300 concurrent users
• 360 different process types
• 1,500,000 processes launched per year
• 12/7 availability