• We opened our third regional office in Pécs


  • TIGRA won the running competition”Business is Running” (Fut a cég extra) and came first out of 640 companies in the national contest
  • SuitSolutions, a member of the TIGRA Information Group won the ”Intelligent Company of the Year” prize, meaning the colleagues representing the company scored the highest IQ average in the contest
  • A full-scale development of the information system OSZIR supporting the procedure for personal bankruptcy for NRSZH (National Authority for Rehabilitation and Social Services)
  • An upgrade of EBR24, a web-based process tracking information system completed 5 years ago for finance, controlling and accounting tasks
  • Our software development activity was further expanded and a new regional branch office was opened in Szeged


  • As a contractor of IdomSoft we completed and launched the electronic registry system by the deadline, in six months
  • We implemented MIR, a Rescue Dispatch System for the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) that provides complete, up-to-date and effective information and communication support to the processes within the framework of OMSZ
  • We successfully completed the AFIS system for the Hungarian National Police Headquarter (ORFK), a national fingerprint and palmprint identification system for law enforcement and immigration purposes that is connected to the other AFIS systems of the other EU countries in accordance with the stipulations of the Prüm Convention and EURODAC standards
  • We delivered the Integrated Traffic Management and Passenger Information System for 3 transport companies (Bakony Volán, Somló Volán, Miskolci Közlekedési Vállalat) by the deadline, thus increasing the number of transportation companies using the system developed by TIGRA to 7.


  • The state administration business of Multipolaris Zrt. is merged into IdomSoft Zrt which is then sold
  • The consortium headed by TIGRA wins the contract for implementing the IT-based ambulance Management system MIR for the National Ambulance Service
  • 50 new developers join the developer team of the TIGRA Group as the company buys into Clarity Solutions Kft.
  • Significant IT development projects implemented in the financial sector – TIGRA and Clarity Solutions Kft. jointly become the largest supplier of Allianz Hungária and the software developer and software operator of several Hungarian financial institutions (Erste Bank, AXA Insurance)


  • TIGRA opens its first regional office in Debrecen
  • TIGRA implements a real-time integrated passenger information system for several Volán companies – first for Borsod Volán Zrt., then Vértes Volán Zrt.
  • the first completed Volán project earns TIGRA the ‘ICT Project of the Year’ special award for developing the public transport of Vas county and the town of Szombathely
  • TIGRA wins the open RFT for developing the account management system and IT-supported operational system “Fontium 1.5’ for MV Zrt.


  • Acquisition of IdomSoft Zrt. and the state administration business of Multipolaris Zrt. These two companies have developed and operated most of the major nation-wide master databases that state administration relies on as the IT foundation of its operation, including systems affecting citizens’ daily lives, like the master database of citizens’ names and addresses that can be used to identify them in practically all other public administration systems, document databases for passports, personal ID cards, address cards, vehicle registration books, driving licenses, sole proprietor’s licenses, etc., the Client Gateway system that provides the foundation for e-administration, support systems needed for holding various elections (parliamentary, local government, EP, minority self-government) and referendums, the Schengen Information System that is the basis for the EU’s Schengen cooperation
  • TIGRA successfully implements an integrated traffic management and passenger information system for Vasi Volán Zrt.
  • TIGRA selected to be supplier of the AFIS system, one of the key systems of the National Police Headquarters: a national criminal, immigrant and refugee fingerprint and palmprint identification system


  • The Ministry of Local Governments awards TIGRA a contract for developing the EBR42 information system, still in use by the local governments and the Ministry
  • Software development and operation for DARFÜ (Southeast Hungarian Regional Development Agency): a process management and administrative support system for official procedures


  • TIGRA becomes the strategic supplier of NASDAQ-listed Nuance Communications Inc. and its Hungarian subsidiary Nuance-Recognita Zrt.


  • TIGRA purchases real estate for its headquarters


  • The first major state administration projects in software development – TIGRA as a subcontractor completes a number of successful IT development projects for the National Pension Insurance Directorate and the National Health Service


  • Jointly with its German partner, TIGRA develops the IT systems of Deutsche Telekom’s T-Punkt store chain and completes a number of other development projects


  • Indian companies squeeze out NOKIA’s European subcontractors, so TIGRA enters into new strategic partnerships
  • TIGRA becomes the strategic supplier of Finnish company Automaster Oy
  • Deutsche Telekom becomes TIGRA’s largest customer
  • TIGRA develops Budapest Bank’s LIAS retail credit assessment system, still in use today


  • As hardware sales skyrocket, retail business is replaced by serving major customers in the private sector and the banking sector
  • TIGRA wins a number of hardware supplier contracts tendered by Erste Bank in open procurements, and its reliability and competitive pricing make it the Bank’s hardware supplier for years to come
  • As a regular participant of centralized public procurements, TIGRA creates new revenue streams by delivering first hardware, then software solutions to the Hungarian state administration
  • TIGRA builds the entire network of Erste Bank and its recently acquired subsidiary Postabank
  • Tigra Copy Kft. (the university-based copy shop chain) is sold


  • Nokia Finland becomes TIGRA’s largest customer
  • Strategic partnership with Satama Interactive Oy, a company listed on the Finnish stock exchange
  • Founding of a joint software development venture with the Finnish company Innovative Ides Oy


  • Software development added to the portfolio
  • Instead of taking excellent young Hungarian developers abroad, the philosophy was to bring jobs to Hungary
  • The company soon achieved significant successes also on the markets of Western Europe


  • TIGRA starts selling computers and accessories to the 20,000 regular student customers of the copy salon operated at the Technical University of Budapest


  • Tigra Kft. is founded
  • The photocopier is moved from the dorm to a 200 sqm office in the dorm of Budapest Technical University, where TIGRA opens the largest and cheapest non-stop copy salon of the time
  • Within a few years, TIGRA becomes the largest university-based copying company, offering its services to 10 major universities and over 10 dorms in Budapest