24/7 full-scale system surveillance

Our System Operation business provides IT system operation for parts or all of our customers’ business segments and offers services for ensuring IT security.

Our highly experienced specialists with international credentials make sure that our customers’ service levels are excellent at all times.

During projects, expectations are hammered out jointly with the customer, followed by designing custom solutions tailored to optimally support the customer’s real business and technology requirements.



System operation activities

The technical and technological foundation of business operation is the triad of network—system—infrastructure supporting the processes.

This tenet determined TIGRA’s approach when shaping its system operation services.

We offer a complex set of services from system design through system implementation to system operation. TIGRA’s specialists have the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required for providing flawless system operation services.

IT security activities

IT security is a term that defines the Company both in form and in content. Our solutions help customers enhance their security, efficiency, data accessibility and data protection.

Information security is the cornerstone of TIGRA’s activities. TIGRA always uses the most stable technologies, applies only vendor-supported procedures, and only uses legal products. The Company’s employees handle all confidential information in accordance with confidentiality regulations.

Network Design & networking

TIGRA offers the full gamut of network services:

  • design, redesign, rebuilding of office and building networks
  • network implementation with measurements and qualification,
  • installation and configuration of network active components
  • design and implementation of remote networks
  • design, implementation and operation of firewall systems
  • LAN and WAN management

Management of network operating systems

Our specialists design the server’s hardware configuration to customer requirements, procure the hardware and software, install and configure the devices, install the program, set up and configure the workstations for use, and train the users.


Privacy policy

Personal data of customers’ employees obtained during system operation are handled by TIGRA as processor in accordance with Law LXIII of 1992.

IT security ad data security

The Company’s employees handle all confidential information in accordance with confidentiality regulations.

Quality assurance

TIGRA performs its operation services and projects in accordance with the procedures of the quality assurance systems ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:27001 or, if requested, involves an independent specialized quality assurance company. During implementation, our specialists prepare a sufficiently detailed concept design, system design and implementation plan for all projects.


Information System Management and Security – 24/7 services

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