T-Punkt Gmbh

T-Punkt Gmbh

The development of the internal information system of the German T-Punkt Gmbh store chain


TIGRA carried out the initial and further development of the internal IT systems (commissions calculation, performance monitoring of sales representatives’ and background systems for incentive statements) of the Deutsche Telekom-founded store chain T-Punkt in Hamburg. The systems were built on Oracle and Java technologies in a unified framework.


The objective of the project was to create several high performance information processing systems in a clustered IMB Webshpere and Oracle RAC environment.


Technologies used: Java EE (JSP, Spring, Hibernate), PL/SQL, Sand Analytic Server.


In the process of development TIGRA provided analysis, planning, development, implementation, system introduction and operational support.


The project in figures

  • project budget: HUF 600 million
  • scope of project: 17 engineer years
  • 2,000,000 sales data records per month