The challenge was to digitally transform a more than 100 years old paper-based population register system.


E-Population Register System enables Government

  • to modernize population registration and create a single national registry
  • to increase transparency of the entire process of recording the details of events related to persons
  • to provide reliable and up-to-date statistics of the entire population providing support for decision making processes of Government bodies
  • to support efficient cooperation between different authorities and organizations
  • to provide rapid and convenient public service for citizens
  • to define the minimum standards and criteria for the entire process and the registration method


E-Population Register System by numbers

  • 000 users (on behalf of authorities)
  • 24/7 nonstop operation
  • 8+ million events/year
  • 5+ million individual documents issued
  • Project budget: EUR 1,3 million


Modules of E-Population Register System

  1. Electronic Civil Registration (birth, marriage, death)
  2. Registry of Paternity Acknowledgement
  3. Registry of Unidentified Deceased Persons
  4. Registry of Paper-Based Civil Registration


Social utility

The new generation digital registry is capable of showing a person’s entire walk of life and is accessible at any registry office in the country.

The consistency risks arising from the fragmented nature of paper based registration were minimised, together with the risk of the physical loss of data.