Development of AFIS System – Automatic Finger- and Palmprint Identification System for the Hungarian Police


The objective of the project completed by TIGRA was to build, configure and implement an automated fingerprint and palmprint identification system (AFIS) that is connected to the other AFIS systems of the other EU countries, compliant with the Prüm Convention and EURODAC standards.

AFIS is built on the technologies of the latest CAFIS 5.5 server software of Cogent Inc. and on GUI OF CAFIS 6.1. To enable usage in Hungary the software needed to be customized to EU systems and to the Hungarian regulatory environment. The main feature of the system is that it automatically digitalizes and stores the pictures of the fingerprints and palmprints sent into the print registry and automatically compares them against the pictures of fingerprints and palmprints from the scene coded by the fingerprint expert possibly within minutes, depending on capacity.

We also carried out the testing, implemented the necessary hardware, installed the on-site workdesks and connected them to the information environment of the police.

Social utility

An information system supporting criminal and immigration procedures was created in compliance with the regulation in effect.

The installed system is capable of fingerprint based identification as well as of establishing the identity of perpetrators using the evidence from the crime scenes, which contributed to the improvement of crime detection rates. This can be attributed to the high accuracy of the system and to the full-scale and speedy process of palmprints.

The project enabled the dactiloscopy experts of all county police headquarters to directly search the national database and the criminal databases of EU countries that joined the Prüm Convention.

The project in figures

  • Project budget: EUR 2.6 million
  • 90 end users
  • 24/7 availability
  • Countrywide usage
  • Project duration: 19 months
  • High availability IT system
  • 3M Cogent CABIS – Cogent Automatic Biometric Identification System
  • According to the EBTS international, open interface standard