The development of IT system LIAS for the registration and rating of credit applications for Budapest Bank Zrt

In the course of the project TIGRA developed the LIAS system for Budapest Bank, a high-performance IT system for registering and rating credit applications. The system supports business processes such as recording credit applications as well as verifying and analysing the relevant data content.

In the process of development TIGRA provided analysis, planning, development, implementation, system introduction and operational support.

This system is suitable for rating credit applications based on more specific and complex conditions (both automated and manual), carries out the calculations for the credit offers along with risk-based pricing and forwards the thus created structures to associated systems of the bank.

Beyond the basic functions the system supports the launch of new credit products and enables the comprehensive, user friendly and efficient management and customization of administrative back office operations.

The project in figures

  • High-performance information system for registering and rating credit applications
  • Supports business procedures such as recording, verifying and analyzing credit applications
  • Customization of administrative back office operations
  • 300 man-months
  • 10,000+ credit applications processed per day!
  • project budget: HUF 200 million
  • scope of project: 25 man years